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Recoblog #5, Yorkshire

Yorkshire Blog – by Joe Gardner

Over the Pennines we went last week as we ventured into Yorkshire. Our first stop was Leeds. This is the first trip where I have driven, as I have just passed my test, so no more First Trans Pennine (not so) Express trains for me.

M60, M62 then a bit of ’jiggery pokery’ and I arrived at Birch Distribution Leeds. Only a small branch, I had a good chat with Lee about how to increase collections and about their improved tonnages compared to the previous year.

Next I went to Willkies All Floors. I’m not convinced I took the best route, I went all through the 100 acres wood! I could have sworn that I bumped into Tigger and Piglet. Willkies are one of our newest distributor members. Their enthusiasm for the scheme was a very positive sign. I felt that meeting them face-to-face will really help them kick start their recycling. Watch out at our next awards, I expect big things from Willkies All Floors!

Mercado was the next destination. We had a useful conversation about the bins and recycling, and once again it was a successful day on the road. Finally I just had a short drive from Leeds to a Premier Inn in Hull.

Birch branch 2 out of 3 was next in Hull. I met with Danny who I have spoken to on many, many occasions but have never met, so it was really good to put a face to a name. We talked about their collections and how to make the most of their limited space. Danny and I also discussed the impressive collection of Recofloor certificates that they had amassed over the years.I presented Birch Hull with yet another, as we are giving all of our distributors brand new Certificates of Commitment.

Sheffield was the next stop, to go and see the third and final Birch Distribution branch. Birch Sheffield are one of our best collectors, consistently earning Recofloor awards. It was nice to catch up with Nigel and see how his owl is doing (seriously he loves birds of prey and they are really cool). Then accompanied by the dulcet tones of Steve Wright in the afternoon I weaved my way around the Pennines and back home to the land of the red rose.

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