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Recoblog #1, Cardiff

Welcome to the first of many Recoblogs. I am going to document my travels all through the summer and we hope you enjoy the blog.

My name is Joe Gardner I am a professional event attender for Recofloor but I mainly do marketing and collections for Recofloor. I’ve been attending events professionally for about a year now. I initially wanted to keep my amateur status so I could qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but I was drawn in by the glamour of the flooring industry.
Yesterday was a busy day. I went from Stockport to a very productive meeting with both Altro and Polyflor in the “glamorous” Solihull (twinned with both Cholet, France and Main-Taunus-Kreis, Germany), I then got on a further 2 trains to Cardiff.
I like Cardiff, it’s one of the nicer cities I get to visit and because the event today is being held at Cardiff City football stadium (home of this year’s all French, women champions league final between Lyon and PSG), it is another football league ground I can tick off the list.

This is the second time I’ve been to this event that is put on by one of our favourite and best drop-off sites 3D flooring supplies/MCD Wales/FAL and it is even better than last year. As I’ve now been to a few more industry events than last year, I know some more of the reps from other companies. I’m next to a screed manufacturer that rhymes with Glowstik which might not be the most interesting but does mean that his new amphetamine-based mega quick dry, bells and whistle screed, is teaming up with an army of roller banners and trapping me behind my stand (at least until the screed dries, luckily it’s quick dry and sets in about 30 mins). This means that I can’t get to the coffee, which is calling to me! You should know that I bear no major grudge as the Polyflor rep saved the day in the nick of time and brought me the two things I NEED to survive a pair of very early starts and a trade show. Yes, that’s right ladies and gents the heros on the Polyflor stand brought me a cup of coffee exactly how I like it (in a mug) and a bacon butty. All of a sudden everything is right with the world.

As standard, I’ve spoken to the Altro and Polyflor reps who are great (I’m not even contractually obliged to say that) as always and I have done the standard flooring industry tribal greeting with some of the other reps around my stand.
The ritual goes as follows: “Hello again, didn’t I see you at (insert the last event you went here), Do you know (list everybody you have ever met from their company). If they have heard of one of the people you have met from their company they will take you into the flooring tribe as one of their own. If not it’s awkward and you shall never speak again (until the next show when the entire ritual starts all over again). Luckily I know a few people from the industry and generally, on the whole, everybody is very nice!

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