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Recofloor is the national vinyl take-back scheme founded in 2009 by flooring manufacturers Altro and Polyflor for the commercial flooring industry. We collect post-installation vinyl flooring and recycle it into new flooring.

Vinyl flooring off-cuts and uplifted vinyl is collected in bulk bags by Recofloor or small volumes of day-to-day waste vinyl can be dropped off at any participating flooring distributor, located across the UK and Ireland.

Smooth and safety vinyl flooring off-cuts are recycled into new flooring products by Altro and Polyflor. Smooth uplifted flooring is reprocessed into traffic management products, such as cones and sign bases.

The table below shows the type of flooring that is accepted for recycling.

Recofloor Specifications

Yes Please
  • Clean, smooth vinyl flooring off-cuts or roll-ends
  • Clean, safety vinyl flooring off-cuts or roll-ends
  • Uplifted, smooth vinyl flooring, clean top surface with no more screed or adhesive on the rear than vinyl
  • Clean off-cuts of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)
  • Uplifted and clean off-cuts of loose lay
No Thanks
  • Uplifted safety vinyl flooring
  • Cushion vinyl flooring
  • Other flooring including: carpets, linoleum, rubber flooring, laminate and wood etc.
  • Flooring incorporating textiles e.g. felt, jute or hessian backed
  • Metals including: blades, bolts, nails, nuts and screws
  • Asbestos
  • General waste and rubble

Company Timeline

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